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You can download the latest version and archive versions of our utility by visiting our Downloads section.

Shoretel Account Viewer is a small installable utility that connects to your Shoretel MySQL database and gathers data on your Shoretel environment users. This is an essential tool for any Shoretel Administrator even re-hashing the Shoretel Communicator Client passwords for your users into plain text for you to retrieve any communicator software.

The full set of information that the current version returns to you based on the extension number you enter is:
  • Shoretel Communicator Username
  • Shoretel Communicator Password
  • Shoretel Voicemail Password
  • Shoretel Communicator Last Password Update Date and Time
  • Shoretel Voicemail Last Password Update Date and Time
  • Shoretel Communicator RAW MD5 Password Hash
  • Allow SoftPhone
  • Allow Video Calls
  • Contact Center Integration Enabled
  • Allow Telephony Presence
  • Mobility Enabled
For full instructions on how to use this product, please go to our Instructions section and you can grab some screenshots from here as well.

A Pro version has now been released which does not have any links backs or adverts. You can purchase the Pro version using PayPal for just $19.99 USD by visiting our Purchase section .


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